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Determination Of Eight Bound Nitrofuran Residues, Using A Rapid Microwave-Assisted Sample Preparation Approach With UHPLC-MS/MS Detection – Webinar Video
Image August 24, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Uncategorized,Webinars AOAC India

Speaker : Dr. Martin Danaher Nitrofurans are a class of antibacterial agents that are banned from use in food producing animals on several continents, due to their undesirable toxicological properties. Methodology for analysing these banned compounds is standard in most countries, with analysis primarily focusing on four main compounds, detected as their marker residues, AOZ,

Rapid On-site Solutions for Mycotoxin Testing in Foods – Webinar Video
Image June 29, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Slider AOAC India

  Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by certain filamentous fungi (molds). They can enter our food chain either directly from food components contaminated with mycotoxins or by indirect contamination from the growth of toxigenic fungi on food. Consumption of mycotoxin-contaminated food or feed can cause acute or chronic toxicity in human and animals. Thus

Good Quality Practices w..r.t ISO 17025 for the Food Testing Labs – Webinar Video
Image June 29, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Webinars AOAC India

  The food industry depends a lot on the results of testing generated by the food lab for ensuring the quality and safety of the product with respect to the Regulatory and its own requirements. Moreover, the Nutritional Parameters are put on the label, for the general consumer to understand the contents. Any error in

Environmental monitoring -an important Food Safety Strategy – Webinar Video
Image June 19, 2020 Events,Featured,Gallery,Webinars AOAC India

Globally, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. COVID-19 has already changed the way we interact and produce food. The potential for food borne transmission is a worry with every new emerging infection.  In case of COVID-19, the main risk involved in human to human transmission during food handling is from close contact with infected

Regulatory analysis of Mycotoxins in Food (Nuts & cereals) – Webinar Video
Image June 11, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Webinars AOAC India

  Mycotoxins are metabolites of fungi having potential carcinogenic, mutagenic and other toxic effects in human and animals. Mycotoxin contamination frequently causes trade issues. Regulations have been established in many countries to protect the consumer from the harmful effects of mycotoxins. So, their detection at trace level or below regulatory limit is important. To comply

Webinar on Foreign Material in Food & Beverage (Investigation & Testing)
Image May 27, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Slider,Webinars AOAC India

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system classifies risks to consumers into three categories—biological, chemical, and physical—and it emphasizes preventing, reducing, or eliminating high-risk biological hazards. Food safety professionals, as a result of years of education, experience, and audits to the HACCP system, often relegate physical hazards to lower risk status, primarily controlled

Webinar on Uncertainty of Measurement in Food Chemical Testing
Image May 22, 2020 Events,Featured,Slider,Webinars AOAC India

  The uncertainty of measurement is the key indicator of the quality of any experimental result. Proper consideration of measurement uncertainty is imperative when testing a sample against the legal/compositional limits. This task could be quite challenging when the entity measured in an investigated sample is so close to the limit, that its uncertainty, however

Webinar on Rapid ATP bioluminescence assay for sanitation monitoring
Image May 12, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Webinars AOAC India

The adenosine triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence rapid determination method is useful for detecting the microbial contamination and it has been widely used in food and beverages industry for sanitation with good precision. ATP can be found in organic material and  residues. The amount of ATP that remains on a surface after we have cleaned is a

Webinar on Foodomics workflows for real time detection of food authenticity and safety
Image May 11, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Webinars AOAC India

  Even in a post-COVID world, the food supply chains will remain spread over continents, however with renewed emphasis on traceability and safety. Focus will be on faster decision making, thus reducing spoilage in the dynamic supply-chains of perishable food commodities. Fortunately, recent developments in ambient mass spectrometry, vibrational spectroscopy and artificial intelligence promises to

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