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Webinar on Food Analysts Examination (FAE): Tips on preparation
Image June 29, 2019 Uncategorized [email protected]

This webinar addresses the following n this Webinar we will cover: What is the basis for FAE and the role and importance of a Food Analyst? Overview and details of individual sections of the exam. Elaborating in more detail the contents and weightage for the subsections. Tips on preparing and understanding the basics (grass root

Join Us for a Phenomenex & AOAC Exclusive Live-Webinar on Challenges and Solutions for Food Testing – Analytical Options
Image June 6, 2019 Uncategorized [email protected]

Date: 12th JuneTime: 10: 00 AM (IST)Speaker: Scott KrepichGlobal Industry ManagerFood, Environmental, and Cannabis Testing In this Webinar we will cover: Analytical Options for Food Sample testing Sample Preparation Techniques Liquid Chromatography (LC) Column Technology Case Studies : Multiresidue Pesticides from food matrices, Neonicotinoids, Dicamba, Mycotoxins and alfatoxins from Spices, Drinking Water, Tocopherols, multiclass antibiotics

AOAC INDIA -Waters Workshop on Pesticide Residue ANALYSIs
Image July 28, 2016 Uncategorized AOAC India

Agenda for AOAC India Training at APEDA Reference Laboratory Training Centre, NRC Grapes, Pune Date : 9th August, 2016 Duration : 10 :15 -17:00 hrs Venue : National Referral Laboratory, ICAR-NRC Grapes, Pune Training/Workshop details Regulatory background International marketing of fruits and vegetables offers a lucrative marketing opportunity across the world. However, accessing the EU

Advanced Analytical Tools For “FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY TESTING” : A workshop by India Section of AOAC
Image July 2, 2016 Uncategorized AOAC India

Date & Venue 28th & 29th July, 2016 Agilent Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Centre of Excellence Lab, CP – 11, Sector 8, Technology Park, IMT Manesar, Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana 122051 With the globalization of the food, protecting the consumers and your brand becomes highly demanding. Today, the food and agriculture industry is facing ever-increasing demands for

Advanced Food Safety Analytics Master Class Program organized by CII FACE – AOAC
June 15, 2016 Uncategorized AOAC India

Confederation of Indian Industries( CII)-Food and Agri Centre of Excellence (FACE), AOAC (India Chapter) and VIMTA Labs the three reputed organizations in their respective domains is coming together to help build capability among practitioner’s of Food Safety & Quality in supply chain from Farm to Fork by picking the brains of some of the best

Free Webinar On “Sample preparation strategies for high throughput multi-residue analysis of chemical contaminants in fatty fish and seaweed by gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry”
Image June 15, 2016 Uncategorized AOAC India

Highlights: Sampe preparation startegies for minimizing matrix effect in multiresidue analysis of chemical contaminants in fatty fish. New QuEChERS based based extraction and dispersive cleanup strategies Multiresidue analysis of 22 organochlorines, 15 polyaromatic hydrocarbons and 82 multiclass pesticides in fatty fish Fat multiresidue analysis of PCBs, PAHs and PBDEs in seaweed About Dr. Niladri Sekhar Chatterjee Dr. Niladari

Food Safety workshop “FoodSafeTech-2015”
Image April 22, 2015 Uncategorized AOAC India

AOAC India Section conducted a Food Safety workshop “FoodSafeTech-2015” in collaboration with Shimadzu Analytical (India) Pvt. Ltd. on 16 & 17th April, 2015 at Shimadzu Customer Support Center in Andheri, Mumbai. This workshop covered most of the aspects from sample preparation to instrumental analysis of pesticide residues in various food matrices such as vegetables/fruits/chili/meat/fish. The

Food Safety Workshop 2015
Image March 30, 2015 Uncategorized AOAC India

In this workshop targeted analysis of pesticide residues from various food matrices such as vegetables/ fruits/ chilli/ meat/ fish will be demonstrated. Shimadzu global food solutions will include instrument’s advance and unique features, software capabilities along with different sample extraction procedures. The method validation criteria as per DG-SANCO guidelines will be discussed. Food Safety Workshop-2015 Agenda Registration Form

Webinar on Pesticide Residue Analysis with Advanced GC-MS methods
Image February 17, 2015 Uncategorized AOAC India

New Webcast in short format @ 9:30 pm (Indian Standard Time) by Dr. Kaushik Banerjee & Laura Bush. Analysis of pesticide residues in food and environmental samples in compliance with international regulations is quite challenging, particularly as regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly stringent in most countries. When performing multiresidue analysis, scientists often grapple with problems such

Training on Residue Analysis using GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS
Image February 10, 2015 Uncategorized AOAC India

AOAC International – India section in collaboration with the National Referral Laboratory (NRL), ICAR-National Research Centre for Grapes successfully organised a training programme entitled “Training on the residue analysis of pesticides and plant growth regulators in fruits and vegetables using GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS” during the period February 2-4, 2015. A total number of 18 participants