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A 3 day eSymposium by CIFT & PerkinElmer: Challenges and solutions for seafood safety
Image December 11, 2020 Events,Featured,Gallery,NEWS & UPDATES,Slider AOAC India

16- 18 December 2020 ?10:00 am Onwards ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT),A National Referral Laboratory for Fish and Fishery Products by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)?and?PerkinElmer?come together for a 3 day Webinar e-Symposium series on: Challenges and solutions for seafood safety:?Analytical techniques and regulatory scenario Keynote Speakers: Learning Objectives: Learn about

One-Day Virtual Conference on Food Authenticity and Safety
Image November 11, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Slider AOAC India

Click here to watch Conference Video This conference will have presentations from various National and International experts/ regulators/Industry leaders. The purpose of authenticity testing is to assure the true state of food. According to the International Food Authenticity Assurance Organization (FAAO), “food authenticity is the process of irrefutably proving that a food or food ingredient is in its original,

Webinar on Determination Of Eight Bound Nitrofuran Residues, Using A Rapid Microwave-Assisted Sample Preparation Approach With UHPLC-MS/MS Detection
Image August 24, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Slider,Uncategorized,Webinars AOAC India

Date : September 24th, 2020Speaker : Dr. Martin Danaher Nitrofurans are a class of antibacterial agents that are banned from use in food producing animals on several continents, due to their undesirable toxicological properties. Methodology for analysing these banned compounds is standard in most countries, with analysis primarily focusing on four main compounds, detected as

Live Panel Discussion: Pathogen Detection in Food Safety
Image July 27, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES AOAC India

Register Now !! Date: July 29th, 2020 Time: 7:30 PM IST Food Safety is a responsibility for all. Working together to overcome the challenges. Have you ever wanted to see in the future? Understand the challenges before they happen? Well, look no further. PerkinElmer, Inc. presents an in-depth discussion surrounding the challenges in today’s laboratory/manufacturers

Food Authenticity and Food Safety
Image June 29, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES AOAC India

  India Section of AOAC INTERNATIONAL is pleased to announce 1 Day International Virtual Conference titled-  Food Authenticity and Food Safety   Date: Last Week Of October 2020 Venue: World wide web  The event will allow live interaction of participants and will be live streamed on YouTube  Join Leaders from the Industry, Academia, Regulatory Bodies

Webinar on Rapid On-site Solutions for Mycotoxin Testing in Foods
Image June 29, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Slider AOAC India

  Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by certain filamentous fungi (molds). They can enter our food chain either directly from food components contaminated with mycotoxins or by indirect contamination from the growth of toxigenic fungi on food. Consumption of mycotoxin-contaminated food or feed can cause acute or chronic toxicity in human and animals. Thus

Webinar on Good Quality Practices w..r.t ISO 17025 for the Food Testing Labs
Image June 29, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Webinars AOAC India

  The food industry depends a lot on the results of testing generated by the food lab for ensuring the quality and safety of the product with respect to the Regulatory and its own requirements. Moreover, the Nutritional Parameters are put on the label, for the general consumer to understand the contents. Any error in

Webinar on Environmental monitoring -an important Food Safety Strategy
Image June 19, 2020 Events,Featured,Gallery,Webinars AOAC India

Globally, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. COVID-19 has already changed the way we interact and produce food. The potential for food borne transmission is a worry with every new emerging infection.  In case of COVID-19, the main risk involved in human to human transmission during food handling is from close contact with infected