Webinar on Fundamentals of Microbiology for Food Safety

Webinar on Fundamentals of Microbiology for Food Safety
September 13, 2018 No Comments Featured,Webinars Saurabh Arora

Speaker : Ms. Kavitha Kulkarni (Scientific Affairs & Education Manager, 3M India Ltd)

Food microbiology is a complex subject hence the role of a microbiologist is very important to help assure that the safe food is supplied to the consumer.

This presentation deals with the basics of Food microbiology, Food spoilage, preservation & fermentation.

[Note : Correction in slide no 18 @ 11.25 minutes in the video

*Thermophiles: that grow at temperatures greater than 41oC ]

It covers the different factors which affect the Growth and Survival of Micro-organisms in Foods (Intrinsic and Extrinsic Parameters of Foods), followed by the Microbiology of Food preservation.

This session also includes the important topics such as Microorganisms in Foods, Indicators of Food Microbial Quality and Safety and Foodborne Diseases.

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