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8th Annual Conference Announcement
Image November 9, 2022 8th annual conference,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES AOAC India

The Executive Committee of India Section of AOAC International is pleased to announce its 8th Annual Conference in Hyderabad, India. Date : 16th – 17th February, 2023 Location : ITC KAKATIYA, Hyderabad (INDIA) We hope to see you in Hyderabad! For Questions or Assistance? Email:             [email protected]‐ Please stay tuned to this page for the

Hands on Training : Determination Of Melamine, Cyanuric Acid And Dicyandiamide in Dairy Products/Infant Formula
Image July 5, 2022 Events,Featured,Gallery,NEWS & UPDATES,Slider,workshop AOAC India

Date : 11th August 2022 Venue : Mumbai Melamine has been used to adulterate foodstuffs including milk and dairy products, to artificially elevate apparent protein content. Dicyandiamide is used to promote the growth of pastures where cows graze and has been detected in milk powders. This provides motivation for food adulteration for enhanced profits at

Webinar on A novel LC/MS/MS method with dual ESI and APCI ion source for analysis of 105 pesticides and 5 mycotoxins in Hemp
Image May 10, 2022 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Slider,Webinars AOAC India

A Novel LC/MS/MS method with dual ESI and APCI source was developed for analysis of 105 pesticides and 5 mycotoxins regulated by different USA states and Canada in hemp.  We would demonstrate how we measured non-polar pesticides (normally analyzed by GC/MS/MS) such as  quintozene, chlordane, etridiazole, fenvalerate, iprodione, chlorfenapyr, methyl parathion, endosulfan and others using

Virtual Conference on Nutrition labelling, Label Claims: purpose, scientific issues, challenges and Solutions- India section of AOAC INTERNATIONAL
Image November 3, 2021 Uncategorized AOAC India

  Nutrition labelling, Label Claims: purpose, scientific issues, challenges and Solutions Nutrition labels describe the nutrient content of a food and are intended to guide the consumer in food selection. The nutrition information provided must be selected on the basis of consistency with dietary recommendations. Selection of the specific nutrients or food components to be

AOAC India Section has been selected the section of the year 2021
Image September 30, 2021 Uncategorized [email protected]

      AOAC India Section’s initiatives are focused on Knowledge sharing: Capacity building and scientific awareness Webinars Scientific Initiatives: Method development & Validation and facilitating Proficiency Testing schemes Outreach Program: Collaboration with Regulatory bodies and Competent Authorities in India and South Asia  India Section of AOAC INTERNATIONAL’s Executive Committee and Board members are pleased  to

Food Authenticity and Safety – Virtual Conference Video
Image November 11, 2020 NEWS & UPDATES AOAC India

Click here to watch Conference Video This conference will have presentations from various National and International experts/ regulators/Industry leaders. The purpose of authenticity testing is to assure the true state of food. According to the International Food Authenticity Assurance Organization (FAAO), “food authenticity is the process of irrefutably proving that a food or food ingredient is in its original,

Determination Of Eight Bound Nitrofuran Residues, Using A Rapid Microwave-Assisted Sample Preparation Approach With UHPLC-MS/MS Detection – Webinar Video
Image August 24, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Uncategorized,Webinars AOAC India

Speaker : Dr. Martin Danaher Nitrofurans are a class of antibacterial agents that are banned from use in food producing animals on several continents, due to their undesirable toxicological properties. Methodology for analysing these banned compounds is standard in most countries, with analysis primarily focusing on four main compounds, detected as their marker residues, AOZ,