Food Safety Regulations and Analytical Solutions for the Regulatory Compliance…!

Food Safety Regulations and Analytical Solutions for the Regulatory Compliance…!
November 12, 2018 No Comments Webinars,Featured Saurabh Arora
Speaker :  Mr. Shrinivas Joshi (AGM – Food and Environment Markets, Waters India Pvt Ltd)sj

Mr Shrinivas Joshi is integral part of Waters India for last 11 years. He has vast experience of scientific instruments for 20 years of which more than 10 years focused on Food Safety/testing, Global Food trade/Regulations. Mr Shrinivas Joshi is President Elect for India Section of AOAC International from Feb, 2018.


Moderator : Mr. Narayan Patil (Manager Marketing, Waters India Pvt Ltd)

Mr. Narayan has been an out-of the box thinker and has delved deep into the realms of technology in various segments, spanning embedded systems to life sciences. For the last 12 years he is working for Waters and has played many roles as Sales Rep, Account Manager, Branch Manager for Eastern Operations and currently, he is responsible for Waters Southern Region Marketing.

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Laboratories are crucial to national veterinary drug residue, Pesticide residues and Mycotoxins monitoring programs.

The presence of residues of banned substances/ substances permitted but exceeding the prescribed limits by the regulatory authorities in case of veterinary drugs and pharmaceutically active substances in food materials from various origins. As a consequence, national food safety authorities and regulatory authorities have banned the use/ strictly regulated its use in veterinary practice or established legal guidance to ensure proper use of these veterinary drugs, pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutically active substances. The successful implementation of national regulation and surveillance monitoring depends on availability of reliable analytical techniques.

The purpose of this Webinar is to aid food testing laboratories primarily in the routine monitoring, determination and control of residues of some veterinary drugs, Pesticides and Mycotoxins(Including Aflatoxins) in Plant and animal origin products.

The preliminary (and larger) part of the Webinar consists of chromatographic and Mass Spectrometric SOPs for analysis of antimicrobial residues such as chloramphenicol, nitrofuran metabolites and tetracyclines, sulfonamides as well as quinolones , Pesticide residues (Including Polar pesticides and Plant growth regulators), Mycotoxins (Including Aflatoxins). The Webinar then concludes a reference validation protocol.

Who should attend:

  1. People/ Lab involved in export , import/domestic certification & official control .
  2. Food Industry & Laboratory involved in Food safety testing for chemical contaminants
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