Heavy Metal Analysis in Food Matrices

Heavy Metal Analysis in Food Matrices
September 28, 2016 Comments Off on Heavy Metal Analysis in Food Matrices workshop Saurabh Arora

September 26, 2016, Mumbai, AOAC India Section concluded a workshop on heavy metal analysis in food matrices, in association with PerkinElmer India. This one day workshop was help at the PerkinElmer’s application center, Thane.

Eventually, the workshop turned out to be a highly interactive one with a substantial flow of ideas and opinions with Food analyst from LNB labs, ITC, Apar Industries, Intertek, Barefeet Analytics, Testex India, General Mills, Qualichem, Anacon, Michrochem, CFMRI, IIT, Vimta and TUV, Envirocare gracing the occasion.

Dr. Kaushik Benarjee, President AOAC India Section, emphasizes, AOAC objective, mentioned his words ”when it comes to developing method, AOAC emphasises and always calls for collaboration, keeping competition aside and work together to develop robust method for Analytical testing”.

Mr. Vishal Arora, Secretary- AOAC India Section highlighted on operations and structural overview of AOAC India. He emphasized on the vision of AOAC and on how AOAC is committed to address the various challenges in the analytical community. He then explained how FSSAI and Indian regulators are making the allowable limits stringent, ensuring food free from heavy metal and hence set the agenda for this workshop.

Mr. Shripad Joshi, Director-Environmental health for South Asia, PerkinElmer took over and he emphasized on PerkinElmer’s India operations from a business and market perspective. And also explain the commitment toward PerkinElmer India commitment towards Food safety inititative with the current solution and acquisitions.

Mr. Mayank Srivastava, DGM-Marketing for South Asia, PerkinElmer, started the day’s proceedings with a corporate presentation that underlined PerkinElmer’s Global vision, mission and also the organizational and business structure across the globe.

Dr. Helmut Ernstberger, Application Specialist, PerkinElmer UK, then talked about the new developments in sample preparation and inorganic analysis of food. He threw a light on the basic principles of EU regulations, EC 1881/2006 and EC 2015/1381 regulation, FSSAI Limits before going into Elemental analytical techniques overview that included an application based slide on the latest PerkinElmer, the smallest, highly sensitive ICP-OES in the market besides giving an overview on ICP-MS as well. It was then the turn of Mr. Tapas Das, DGM- Quality, PerkinElmer India to present the common instrument issues and the associated troubleshooting techniques while doing Inorganic analysis

Hands on Analysis:

The group had hands on session on microwave digestion and ICP MS analysis on food matrices like few noodles and spices brands. The whole Session was organized by Dr. Umesh Talenkar, Head, Application center, Mr. Sachin Salunkhe and other team member.

Whole participants also had opportunity to see whole facility and demo labs.

At the last, closing talk was addressed by Dr. Kaushik Banerjee, President, AOAC India Section who then distributed participation certificates on behalf of AOAC India- PerkinElmer to all participants.


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