Webinar on Food Analysts Examination (FAE): Tips on preparation

Webinar on Food Analysts Examination (FAE): Tips on preparation
June 29, 2019 No Comments Uncategorized Saurabh Arora
This webinar addresses the following n this Webinar we will cover:
  1. What is the basis for FAE and the role and importance of a Food Analyst?
  2. Overview and details of individual sections of the exam.
  3. Elaborating in more detail the contents and weightage for the subsections.
  4. Tips on preparing and understanding the basics (grass root level) of analysis: concentrations (%, M, mM, etc) units of measurement for mass, volume, absorbance, transmittance, pH, numerical expression (ppb/ppt/ of results). Working of problems for converting Hydronium ion concentration to pH, molar absorptivity to concentration and vice versa.
  5. How much detailed knowledge is expected of an analyst using the example of UV-Vis spectroscopy
  6. Understanding and Reading questions carefully with examples
  7. Some books and reference freely available
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