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Category: Webinars

Webinar on Rapid Pathogen Testing
Image May 27, 2020 Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Slider,Webinars AOAC India

The ability to rapidly detect viable pathogens in food is important for public health and food safety reasons. Culture-based detection methods tend to be laborious, time consuming and slow to provide results. Several culture-independent methods to detect viable pathogens have been reported in recent years, including both ELISA and PCR. Some of these newer methods,

Webinar on Uncertainty of Measurement in Food Chemical Testing
Image May 22, 2020 Events,Featured,Slider,Webinars AOAC India

  The uncertainty of measurement is the key indicator of the quality of any experimental result. Proper consideration of measurement uncertainty is imperative when testing a sample against the legal/compositional limits. This task could be quite challenging when the entity measured in an investigated sample is so close to the limit, that its uncertainty, however

Webinar on Rapid ATP bioluminescence assay for sanitation monitoring
Image May 12, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Webinars AOAC India

The adenosine triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence rapid determination method is useful for detecting the microbial contamination and it has been widely used in food and beverages industry for sanitation with good precision. ATP can be found in organic material and  residues. The amount of ATP that remains on a surface after we have cleaned is a

Webinar on Foodomics workflows for real time detection of food authenticity and safety
Image May 11, 2020 Events,Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Webinars AOAC India

  Even in a post-COVID world, the food supply chains will remain spread over continents, however with renewed emphasis on traceability and safety. Focus will be on faster decision making, thus reducing spoilage in the dynamic supply-chains of perishable food commodities. Fortunately, recent developments in ambient mass spectrometry, vibrational spectroscopy and artificial intelligence promises to

Data Analytics for profiling of food components and food authenticity analysis
Image December 13, 2019 Featured,Slider,Webinars AOAC India

Speaker : Abhishek Mandal About Speaker Abhishek Mandal – Spl: Agricultural Chemicals; Detection of Pesticide Residues; Synthesis of Nano-particles; Big Data Analysis; Dsg: Scientist, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. Food authenticity is about misrepresentation by either mislabeling or by adulterating usually with lower cost material. Typical examples are: Wine authenticity –illegal sugar addition to

Webinar on Quality Management system in Food Microbiology labs – Challenges and Risk Mitigation plans
Image November 27, 2019 Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Webinars AOAC India

Speaker : Mr. Rajesh Girdhar Rajesh Girdhar is a highly experienced professional in food testing domain and is currently working with Abbott Nutrition as Head – Analytical Scientist. He is part of Abbott Nutrition’s global analytical leadership team. Earlier he worked with multinationals like bioMerieux, Nestle and PepsiCo and worked at mid to senior leadership

Series of Webinars on Food Analyst Examination and Junior Analyst Examination
Image March 13, 2019 Featured,Webinars [email protected]

FSSAI conducts Food Analyst Examination and Junior Analyst Examination with the following objectives: To increase the pool of qualified Food Analysts through both the examinations. To augment human resource requirement of the primary/referral laboratories notified by FSSAI through Junior Analyst Examination. Detailed information on age, essential educational qualification(s) and experience, examination fees, syllabus, examination schedule,

Reference Materials – An Introduction to Quality & its Importance in Reference Standards Selection and Use
Image January 15, 2019 Webinars AOAC India

Presenter: Derrell Johnson Innovation Manager, Reference Materials Franchise Round Rock, TX, USA Derrell Johnson joined Merck (formerly Cerilliant Corporation) in December 1999, and has over 19 years of experience in the reference standards industry from product development & management, sales & marketing and quality systems to manufacturing and quality control testing of reference materials. In

Food Safety Regulations and Analytical Solutions for the Regulatory Compliance…!
Image November 12, 2018 Featured,Webinars AOAC India

Speaker :  Mr. Shrinivas Joshi (AGM – Food and Environment Markets, Waters India Pvt Ltd) Mr Shrinivas Joshi is integral part of Waters India for last 11 years. He has vast experience of scientific instruments for 20 years of which more than 10 years focused on Food Safety/testing, Global Food trade/Regulations. Mr Shrinivas Joshi is President

Webinar on Mycotoxins Sample Cleanup Techniques by HSL in collaboration with LCTech
Image October 15, 2018 Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Webinars AOAC India

Speaker : Babla V Pendam Babla Pendam is Business Director (Life Science and Applied market) for GBA. In Past he was head of Application Labs in Agilent Technologies, Leading the group of scientists working on various technologies like Liquid chromatography, gas Chromatography, Mass spectrometry and atomic and molecular spectroscopy. Has a strong analytical experience and