Webinar on Rapid ATP bioluminescence assay for sanitation monitoring

Webinar on Rapid ATP bioluminescence assay for sanitation monitoring
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The adenosine triphosphate (ATP) bioluminescence rapid determination method is useful for detecting the microbial contamination and it has been widely used in food and beverages industry for sanitation with good precision. ATP can be found in organic material and  residues. The amount of ATP that remains on a surface after we have cleaned is a direct indication of the effectiveness of that cleaning.  Traditional method of swabbing is inadequate in terms of detection of dead cells and uncleaned debris . Where the traditional plate counts is detecting only bacteria and fungus , the possibility of detection of viruses ( by extrapolating the presence of bacterial or mammalian cell ) in ATP based assay is more. Thus, ATP bioluminescence technology provide an objective, measurable, immediate way to determine sanitation / cleanliness levels.

Speaker – Ms Pradnya Ambekar (Head – Technical services , Neogen India)

pradnya ambekar

A qualified microbiologist and food safety professional with 20 years’ experience. Pradnya is also a qualified food safety auditor and has expertise in alternative methods for food safety parameters and validations of these methods. She is also a qualified auditor for ISO:17025 – Lab management system.

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