Webinar on Rapid Pathogen Testing

Webinar on Rapid Pathogen Testing
May 27, 2020 No Comments Featured,NEWS & UPDATES,Slider,Webinars Saurabh Arora

The ability to rapidly detect viable pathogens in food is important for public health and food safety reasons. Culture-based detection methods tend to be laborious, time consuming and slow to provide results. Several culture-independent methods to detect viable pathogens have been reported in recent years, including both ELISA and PCR. Some of these newer methods, particularly immunomagnetic bases sample preparation followed by PCR show promise in terms of speed and sensitivity of detection.

This topic provides an overview of these two approaches, their food testing applications and discusses their future prospects in relation to detection of viable pathogens in food.

About the Speaker : 

Mr. Virendra Asati is Post-Graduate in Microbiology, Awarded UNESCO-MoEF fellowship by Govt of India. He is a Certified trainer for APAC, Planned and implemented multiple training is QC segments at basic and advanced levels. He has 19+ years of experience in Technical Marketing, Field Application, Product Management and Business development. Currently he is Working closely with Industry QC (F&B-Pharma-Clinical diagnostics) for last 18 years.


  • Hygiene Monitoring with reference to HACCP Audit Management
  • Culture Media Preparation and Performance testing (ISO 11133)
  • Conventional and Rapid food Pathogen Testing
  • Environmental Monitoring (ISO 14698)
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