Rapid On-site Solutions for Mycotoxin Testing in Foods – Webinar Video

Rapid On-site Solutions for Mycotoxin Testing in Foods – Webinar Video
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Mycotoxins are toxic secondary metabolites produced by certain filamentous fungi (molds). They can enter our food chain either directly from food components contaminated with mycotoxins or by indirect contamination from the growth of toxigenic fungi on food. Consumption of mycotoxin-contaminated food or feed can cause acute or chronic toxicity in human and animals.

Thus , creating awareness among producers and consumers about the ill effects of these toxins and  the importance of early and quick detection of mycotoxins is of great importance for food safety.

This session summarizes the toxicity of the  important mycotoxins, foods commonly contaminated by one or more of them, and some perspectives on rapid detection of these mycotoxins.

Speaker :

Dr.Mrinal Kumar Sharma is currently Business Development Director at Neogen India.

A Veterinarian by basic education he has over 19 years of experience covering different roles in academics and industry. He has been associated with the rapid diagostic industry for animal diseases and contaminants of food of animal origin for the last decade.

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