Good Quality Practices w..r.t ISO 17025 for the Food Testing Labs – Webinar Video

Good Quality Practices w..r.t ISO 17025 for the Food Testing Labs – Webinar Video
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The food industry depends a lot on the results of testing generated by the food lab for ensuring the quality and safety of the product with respect to the Regulatory and its own requirements. Moreover, the Nutritional Parameters are put on the label, for the general consumer to understand the contents. Any error in the labelling or the safety tests may call for strict actions from the regulatory bodies. Therefore; it becomes very importance for the lab to, generate accurate and reproducible results on the consistent basis, within an acceptable level of uncertainty.

 The confidence in the results will come only, if the lab follows the Good Quality Practices, and the Quality System is accredited as per ISO 17025. This document contains requirements for laboratories to enable them to demonstrate they operate competently, and are able to generate valid results. ISO 17025 requires the laboratory to plan and implement actions to address risks and opportunities. Addressing both risks and opportunities establishes a basis for increasing the effectiveness of the management system, achieving improved results and preventing negative effects.

Speaker :

vk guptaMore than 40 years of experience in designing, setting, upgradation, designing of Quality System and managing the operations of the various laboratories, as a profit centre, like TUV India, SGS, Shiva Analyticals & Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, with focus on Food, FCM, HPC & Product Testing as per National & International Standards. Good grip on Method Development & Validation.

 Lead Auditor for HACCP, ISO 9000 & ISO 17025. Worked as Trainer & Assessor for MASM (Mongolian Accreditation System), on behalf of UNIDO, for carrying out the gap analysis of its labs and providing the necessary training. Conducted various Training sessions on behalf of NABL on the topic of Measurement of Uncertainty. Published papers on the same topic in NABL News Letter. Presently helping the industry.

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