Webinar on Mycotoxins Sample Cleanup Techniques by HSL in collaboration with LCTech

Webinar on Mycotoxins Sample Cleanup Techniques by HSL in collaboration with LCTech
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Speaker : Babla V Pendam

babla p
Babla V Pendam

Babla Pendam is Business Director (Life Science and Applied market) for GBA. In Past he was head of Application Labs in Agilent Technologies, Leading the group of scientists working on various technologies like Liquid chromatography, gas Chromatography, Mass spectrometry and atomic and molecular spectroscopy. Has a strong analytical experience and has been associated with pharma/Food Testing, primarily working in analytical development for 19 years. Has been associated in developing the methods across all the analytical techniques, primarily on LC-MS instrument platform.

Contact Details: E-Mail – [email protected] | Contact No. – +91 9082390282

Speaker : Angelika Köpf ( LC Tech GMBH)

Angelika Köpf
Angelika Köpf

After graduating as Master for Food Technology and Biotechnology at the Technical University Munich in 2001 Angelika Köpf joined as a scientist the Proteomic group of Prof. Görg, who, as inventor of the 2D Gel-electrophoresis, was leading in sample preparation work to enable proteomics research.

With joining LCTech GmbH as Sales Manager in 2004, Angelika used her experience on methodological work to standardize manual sample preparation by offering the adequate automated sample preparation solution for customer in food, feed and environmental analysis.

Since then Angelika held several positions in Sales- and Product-Management for automated sample preparation and was stationed in various countries, before she joined LCTech GmbH again in 2016 as Head of Sales.

Mycotoxins are naturally occurring metabolites of mold fungus, which are highly toxic for humans and animals and can be accumulate in food and feed. They are regulated by the European Community (EC) respectively worldwide.
Typical kind of fungi that produce mycotoxins are Aspergillus-, Penicillium-, Fusarium- und Claviceps-fungi. They are separated in fields or storage fungi. Unlike residues (e. g. pesticides) they are attributed to the contaminants and are subject to the mycotoxin maximum amount regulation.

Regulated Mycotoxins (EU)

  • Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2
  • Deoxynivalenol
  • Fumonisins B1and B2
  • Ochratoxin A
  • Patulin
  • Zearalenon

This Webinar would be mainly focusing on different sample preparation and clean-up Techniques. Extraction of Mycotoxins from different complex matrices. And briefly on the detection techniques.

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