Food Safety workshop “FoodSafeTech-2015”

Food Safety workshop “FoodSafeTech-2015”
April 22, 2015 No Comments Uncategorized Saurabh Arora

AOAC India Section conducted a Food Safety workshop “FoodSafeTech-2015” in collaboration with Shimadzu Analytical (India) Pvt. Ltd. on 16 & 17th April, 2015 at Shimadzu Customer Support Center in Andheri, Mumbai.

This workshop covered most of the aspects from sample preparation to instrumental analysis of pesticide residues in various food matrices such as vegetables/fruits/chili/meat/fish.

The first day session started with the inauguration by Mr. Fujino, Managing Director of Shimadzu India and Mr. Shriram Kulkarni and Mr. Viswaraja Sasikumar, Executive Committee members of the AOAC India. Dr. Dasharath Oulkar, a well known scientist in the area of Food Safety research from the National Referral Laboratory, ICAR-NRC Grapes, Pune covered detailed methodology and various aspects of sample preparation with respect to various matrices and pesticides.

The second session focused on various instrumental techniques available for food contaminant analysis and detailed explanation on advance mass spectrometry (MS) technology and its benefit in multi-residue analysis. Shimadzu global food solutions were portrayed which included instrument’s advance and unique features, software capabilities along with real time examples.

The post-lunch session of the first day was practical session wherein the participants (14 in number, from different laboratories) were divided in two groups and given fish and vegetable matrices for multi-residue spiking and extraction. Each group was provided with QuEChERs kit and standard operating procedure for sample preparation. Shimadzu application specialist and Dr. Dasharath Oulkar were present as supervisors and for guidance. The extracted samples were subjected to instrumental analysis using Shimadzu LC-MS/MS (LCMS-8040) and GC-MS/MS (TQ-8040).

On the second day the data obtained from previous day’s sample analysis practicals was processed and the participants got exposure to data processing, various software features, linearity plots, RSD and recovery calculations, etc. On the basis of the participants’ special request, Dr. Datar from Shimadzu, a well-known person in mass spectrometry, covered fundamentals of ionization techniques and MS interpretation tips. In the post-lunch session Dr. Dasharath shared valuable information regarding DG-SANCO guidelines and analytical method validation requirements for pesticide residues.

All the sessions were highly interactive and all participants’ queries were resolved. Mr. Viswaraja Sasikumar, Treasurer, AOAC India, delivered a speech on the current activities of AOAC India and future plans.

The Workshop ended with vote of thanks from Dr. Rasam, Sr. Manager from Shimadzu and Certificate distribution by Dr. Datar, Dr. Dasharath and Mr. Viswaraja. All the sessions were very interactive and informative. Main highlight of this workshop is practical experience received by all participants.

Feedback from all the participants was satisfactory. The participants thanked the AOAC India and Shimadzu for organizing this training and also requested to organize such trainings frequently in future covering detail aspects of sample preparation, optimization and applications of GC-MS/MS and LC-MS/MS, procedure of single laboratory validation, etc.

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