Laboratory Forum Initiated

Laboratory Forum Initiated
January 3, 2015 No Comments Uncategorized Saurabh Arora

Laboratory forum initiated by Dr. Deepa Bhajekar (President of India Section of AOAC International) where common issues faced by laboratories were discussed.

Maintenance of reference standard & expansion of shelf life of standards based on Sanco guidelines.

1. India Section of AOAC International could validate methods and prepare the achievable range of LOQ in Indian matrices which could be presented by India Section of AOAC International to the government of Europe via India for acceptance of goods exported from India.
2. Invite resumes from Indian scientists to present to AOAC International for the John Wiley award.
3. Arrange training programme for laboratory personnel.


Topic discussed for training were:

  • Trouble shooting for basic chromatographic machines.
  • Method development training.
  • Software use for machines and sophisticated equipment.
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