Ultra fast mass spec meets Ultra safe food

Ultra fast mass spec meets Ultra safe food
March 27, 2017 Comments Off on Ultra fast mass spec meets Ultra safe food Webinars Saurabh Arora

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Topic: Ultrafast mass spec meets Ultra safe food



Ms. Rashi Kochhar:

Graduation: B.Sc Biotech (University of Mumbai)

Post Grad: M.Sc Bio-analytical

Post Grad: Masters in Management (Jamanalal Bajaj Institute of Management studies)

Have been working with Shimadzu analytical india for over 7 years, with different responsibilities catering to 2 primary techniques: LC and LCMS.

Work area range from App support, product management, key customer handling and marketing initiatives.

keenly interest in Biopharma industry and development of methodologies catering their workflow




Ultra fast mass spec meets Ultra safe food


Mass-spectrometry has gone through multiple folds of improvement, suiting different kind of applications- from pesticides and proteins. Instruments now can possess unique capability to make workflow easier, provide higher sensitivity, asses the unexpected and broaden the horizons of applications under consideration.

Instrument capabilities by no mean replaces the talent of a chemist, but rather enhances their productivity and output. In this session, we will be discussing enhancements in MS techniques which can accelerate method development and throughput of analytical labs, specially working on food related applications.

Food analysis is very unique from other matrix based measurements. The inherent variability of matrix being a prime reason for not having standard testing protocols. Also, the number of molecules analyzed simultaneously is very unique to food safety quantitative experiments when compared to other such experiments. These 2 factors add to complexity and to address these, it’s imperative that instruments give a helping hand to analytical chemist in fast method development.

Let’s see how we can see the unseen and make food Ultra safe!


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