Conference Pictures

Conference Pictures

Day 1


DSC_0004  DSC_0005  DSC_0010 DSC_0012

Inauguration Ceremony:

 DSC_0066  DSC_0101  DSC_0104  DSC_0106
DSC_0140 DSC_0118 DSC_0160 DSC_0146

Tea Break:

DSC_0172 DSC_0175 DSC_0183 DSC_0184

Technical Session 1: Food Safety:

 DSC_0212  DSC_0221 DSC_0236 DSC_0258
 DSC_0276  DSC_0289  DSC_0291  DSC_0293
 DSC_0333  DSC_0354 DSC_0366  DSC_0368

Lunch Break:

 DSC_0307  DSC_0316 DSC_0320  DSC_0323

Sponsor Talk:

 DSC_0393  DSC_0410  DSC_0022 DSC_0264

Technical Session 2: Capacity Building & Challenges for Analytical Laboratories in India:

 DSC_0413 DSC_0418  DSC_0423 DSC_0426
 DSC_0430  DSC_0437  DSC_0441  DSC_0456
 DSC_0461  DSC_0463  DSC_0465 DSC_0467
 DSC_0469  DSC_0473  DSC_0476  DSC_0479

Tea Break:

 DSC_0482  DSC_0480  DSC_0483 DSC_0488

Poster Session:

 DSC_0502 DSC_0511 DSC_0512 DSC_0513
DSC_0536 DSC_0517 DSC_0523 DSC_0518
DSC_0557  DSC_0566  DSC_0222 DSC_0318

Conference Dinner:

 DSC_0560  DSC_0564  DSC_0571  DSC_0572

Day 2

Sponsor Talks:

 DSC_0017 DSC_0025 DSC_0029  DSC_0032

Technical Session 3 : Infant Formula and Adult Nutrition:

DSC_0051 DSC_0059 DSC_0087 DSC_0103
DSC_0109 DSC_0111 DSC_0113 DSC_0119
DSC_0131  DSC_0133  DSC_0143  DSC_0146
DSC_0154 DSC_0172 DSC_0177 DSC_0183
DSC_0185 DSC_0187 DSC_0189  DSC_0193

Technical Session 4 : Food Authenticity and Traceability:

DSC_0225 DSC_0229 DSC_0240 DSC_0256
DSC_0259 DSC_0264 DSC_0272 DSC_0282
DSC_0284 DSC_0287 DSC_0289 DSC_0290

Sponsor Talk:

DSC_0307 DSC_0310 DSC_0311 DSC_0320